DRAPER, Utah, Aug. 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ –NRP Stone, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has submitted a Letter of Interest outlining terms for acquisition of Rare Metals and Gems Investors, LLC. RMGI has negotiated a multi-faceted marketing agreement with the producer of two unique products: natural white and rare colored diamonds finished from raw yellow/brown diamonds; and, a trademarked, one-of-a-kind, molecularly derived precious metal called Luxium. The manufacturing company and its affiliates have agreed to use RMGI as a marketing arm for its two products.

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Both products are derived from Mother Earth’s natural processes… with a technological twist. 99% of diamonds mined in the world remain unfinished by Mother Earth. They are yellow to brown in color because they were not given the time, heat, and pressure required to finish them into white and colored diamonds. As a result, these brown diamonds are typically crushed and used for industrial purposes, including diamond drills and saws. Only recently, these yellow or brown diamonds have been promoted as gemstones. However, with proprietary technology, yellow and brown diamonds can be graded and finished to their highest and best potential, white and colored gemstones. These gemstones stones are considered by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) to be natural diamonds, because the technology to finish these diamonds replicates the earth’s natural process, in a shorter period of time. Using these proprietary processes, brown diamonds can become white, as well as all colors of the rainbow, depending upon their chemical makeup, which is known before they are purchased. Finishing occurs without dyes, radiation, or synthetically growing them in labs. They are truly natural diamonds.

The second product, Luxium, is a proprietary silver-based precious metal that can be used for jewelry, as well as in industry. Because silver is the best-known electrical conductor to man, it has many industrial uses, but has been deemed unsatisfactory for many applications because of its soft and degradable nature, and thus being subject to tarnish. Because Luxium is 99% silver, it has the quality of silver’s conductivity, but does not tarnish like silver, which makes it a superior choice for jewelry and industrial usages.

RMGI has represented that its diamond producer and its affiliates have been test-marketing finished white and colored diamonds to a major national jewelry outlet for several years. Its diamond customer has also expressed a desire to purchase jewelry-grade Luxium for brilliant gemstone settings, necklaces, bracelets, broaches, and similar jewelry due to its brilliant finish and resistance to tarnish. Luxium has a natural finished look of chrome, though it can be colored for different looks. Luxium is being viewed as a mid-market jewelry alternative in filling the gap between less-expensive silver that tarnishes and expensive gold, thus making it a stand-alone precious metal substitute.

Luxium’s hardness, oxidation resistance, conductivity, and price point make Luxium a candidate for a wide range of industrial uses and alternative for silver, gold, and copper in electrical systems, circuit boards, aerospace, solar panels, non-acid based storage batteries, electrical transmission lines, and many other industries. Electronics and applications for existing and new electrical transmission lines used for the electrical power grid worldwide are initially being investigated. For every one-percent resistance incurred over high-tension electrical lines, power companies lose billions of dollars in lost wattage. A thin coat of Luxium could create a dynamic solution in cost savings to electrical transmission companies. Luxium researchers are currently working on the creation of Luxium nanoparticles that will bind with existing and new aluminum power lines. Solid and nanotized liquid Luxium are available for R&D industrial applications.

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